domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2016

My First Apartment Bedroom at TSR

As I did on the rest sets, I tried to use simple furniture with a young style.
Ten new meshes.

My First Apartment Kitchen at TSR

For this kitchen, I wanted to use neutral, natural colors, mixed with a young and cheap decoration

My First Apartment Hall at TSR

made with modern, cheap and young style furniture

My First Apartment Livingroom at TSR

To create this set I imagined the very first time you move into a new apartment. Then, you buy cheap furniture, it doesn't matter if they are a part of the same set. That's what I wanted to create. A collection of young and cheap furniture for your young adult sims.

Totem Livingrrom at TSR

To create this set, I imagined myslef on this livingroom, readding a book, listening to music..

Morac Bedroom at TSR

with a moroccan style, this furniture can also be used on vintage rooms

BMC kitchen at TSR

modern style with shiny counters and wood cabinets

Harmony Bathroom at TSR

I saw a pic of a similar bathroom and I was inspired to create this "harmony bathroom"

Tempura Bathroom at TSR

To create this bathroom I was inspired by textures as stone or wood.
It is available on The Sims Resource


sábado, 9 de abril de 2016

Nikadema Palette Livingroom

Reading one of my mom's old deco magazines, I saw this sofa. Inmediatly, I started to reproduce it for the sims.
This is a huge set made up with 14 new meshes and some recolors. 
This set contains: sofa, living chair, ottoman, 3 types of cushions, coffeetable, paintings, sideboard, floorlamp, table picture, feathers vase, decorative box and a mirror. 
Contemporary inspiration.
bb.moveobjects on cheat needed to place the sofa and the living chair together and to place all the cushions on the sofa.
I really hope you like it!

*Click on the pictures to enlarge*

*Click on the pictures to enlarge*

*Click on the pictures to enlarge*

On the packages, you'll find more colors

domingo, 27 de marzo de 2016

Vintage Worn Out Rugs

Good morning everyone!
Nice spring morning to get some vintage rugs.
1 mesh and 8 recolors for your Sims4.

* click on the image to enlarge*

lunes, 14 de marzo de 2016

Garden Set

Hi Simmers!
Long time no see.. This time I've got a new set BUT for your sims 4.
Feel free to recolor it or convert it to the sims 3, but please! give a link back.
Meanwhile, I'll be studying on recoloring ;)
This set contains: wicker sofa and table, love chair, cushions, candles with tulip and a tray with a magazine and a vase. The meshes have been tested.

* click on the pic to enlarge*